Can You Whiten Teeth With Peppermint Vodka? And Other Dental Myths Unraveled

During this holiday season, you may want your smile to sparkle and shine in all of those fun holiday photos. However, if your smile is not as white as the new-fallen snow outside, you may feel inclined to hide it. You may also be inclined to try some crazy home remedies for whitening teeth, some of which are complete myths and/or are downright dangerous. Here are just a few of the crazy dental myths about teeth whitening that may be circling and why they are nothing in comparison to a professional teeth whitening in a dentist's office.

How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During The Holidays

The holiday season is a whirlwind of a time. Between parties, family visits, cooking and shopping, your to-do list can get quite long. Make sure you aren't neglecting your oral health during this period. Remember, any damage to your teeth will stick around long after the holidays have passed. Keep Scissors Nearby You're probably wondering what scissors have to do with oral health, but you're also probably guilty of using your teeth as scissors.

3 Ways To Reduce Gum Swelling

The main symptom of gum disease is red, swollen gums. There may be other symptoms that could point to the onset of the disease, such as bad breath even after brushing, bleeding, and receding gums. If left unchecked, the condition can cause eventual tooth loss so it is best to visit a dentist for treatment. However, swollen and tender gums are not caused by gum disease alone. You may experience this issue if you have just had your braces removed or had a wisdom tooth extracted.

What Is A Direct Dental Restoration And How Can One Fix Your Broken Tooth?

Direct dental restorations refer to the tools your dentist can immediately apply to fix a deep crack due to trauma or a cavity. Fillings are the most common type of direct restoration. The fillings come in a variety of different materials that each have pros and cons – as does using a direct rather than indirect restoration. What are some pros and cons of direct restorations and what types of fillings might best correct your dental problem?

Counting Teeth: What You Need To Know About Sedation Dentistry

Heartburn, acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease – no matter what name you like to call it, it can be a real hassle in your everyday life. But heartburn can be more than just an annoyance or a source of discomfort; its ability to constantly expose your teeth to stomach acid makes it a serious dental concern. Many people with acid reflux can't lie down comfortably in a dentist's chair without the acid bubbling up – but since you need your teeth cleaned regularly to prevent cavities and the like, what are you to do?

2 Oral Care Tips For Keeping Your Removable Expanders Free Of Bacteria

Your dentist may suggest installing removable expanders into your mouth if you have minimal alignment issues. These dental appliances look similar to a dental bridge, but they are made out of a chrome material. In order to get the best results with your removable expander, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. This will ensure that bacteria does not build up underneath or around the device. Bacteria buildup can end up compromising the health and safety of your dental device.

3 Common Methods Of Improving Your Smiles

Being proud of your teeth is an ideal way to have more self-confidence. However, if you want to make changes to your smile, this is entirely possible. Being able to make significant changes in your appearance is possible by having certain dental procedures completed. There is a variety of methods that will enable you to do so and taking the time to learn what some of these are can be helpful to you.

Causes Of Jaw Deformities That May Mean Undergoing Ridge Modification Before Getting A Dental Implant

Those who don't have adequate jawbone need ridge modification (treatment for loss of jawbone) before getting dental implants. This means it's in your best interest to know what causes this form of bone loss so you can avoid it. Some of the conditions that may cause deterioration of your jawbone include these three:  Gum Disease Gum disease is a bacterial infection that attacks the gums before spreading to structures (including your jawbone) around the teeth.

Just Got Braces? 3 Questions You May Need The Answers To

When you first got your braces put on, your orthodontist probably answered a lot of the questions that you had. However, after you leave the office and begin living your life, more questions will likely crop up. Here are three questions that may creep into your mind and the answers to them: How do you make sure you brush and floss properly? With metal brackets on your teeth, it makes brushing and flossing more difficult.

Not The Type Of Impact You Want: Three Homemade Methods For Easing The Pain Of An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Not all wisdom teeth are created equal. Some wisdom teeth can't fully push through the gums because it's blocked by your other molars. This is known as an impacted wisdom tooth. When this happens, your gums open and are exposed to bacteria, inflammation and infection. This causes immense pain in your gums and mouth. While you may not be able to get them removed right away, there are ways you can help ease the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth right at home.

Does Your Child Have Crooked Teeth? Why You Should Have Them Examined

Baby teeth that come in a bit off are usually nothing to be concerned about, but you should pay attention to how the adult teeth start coming in. If they appear to be crooked, you should have your child's teeth looked at by a local dentist. X-rays will be taken, and a course of action will be determined to help fix any potential oral health issues. These are a couple reasons to start treatment as soon as possible.

Four Facts To Know About Teeth Whitening

If you have found that you are upset with the appearance of your smile because your teeth are starting to yellow, you may have been considering the option of getting professional teeth whitening done. If this is the case, here are four facts to know about teeth whitening: You May Not Need Whitening:  Over time, your teeth can develop deposits that make your teeth not appear white any longer. However, these can easily be removed by your dentist during a regular cleaning, which should make your smile appear white again.

What Is It Like To Get A Cosmetic Crown?

Having a crown put on your tooth is obviously not the most pleasant scenario. But, this is a very smart cosmetic dental surgery for so many reasons. With a crown, your tooth will be bright and white, staining will be less of an issue and you will no longer have to worry about cavities on that tooth. In reality, crowns probably aren't as painful as root canals; the procedure is actually very similar to normal cavity filling.

Tips For Dealing With Dental Pain

Tooth pain can sometimes come on suddenly, although the main cause may have been brewing for quite some time. Whether the pain comes from outside trauma or from a cavity that finally made its way to a nerve ending, treatment is likely at the forefront of your mind. Learning how to manage the pain until you can get in to see your dentist is vital if you can't get an appointment right away.

Getting Your Child Into The Dentist Chair Without Fear

It is never too early to bring your child in to see a dentist, even if the appointment is a checkup for you. The more you normalize the experience of going to the dentist, the less afraid your child will be.  Whether you bring your child when their first tooth erupts, or you wait until they are two years old, trips to the dentist should not be a mystery to your young child.

3 Reasons Why Your Kids' Teeth Look Like A Smoker's Teeth And How The Dentist Can Help

Usually, only adults get really yellow teeth. It is commonly an age-related thing or a diet-related thing (e.g., consumption of coffee, tea or cola). However, children can get really yellow or discolored teeth as well. Visiting your family dentist at a pediatric dental clinic will help you uncover the reasons why your kids' teeth look like a smoker's teeth and how your dentist can help. Below are three possible reasons:

Dental Tips: 2 Natural Toothpaste Options Using 1 Strawberry

You might want to avoid some of the ingredients that you find in store-bought toothpaste, and there are a few natural options for you and your family. This guide is going to show you how to make simple natural toothpaste using 1 strawberry. The Importance Of The Strawberry There are few reasons that you want to use a fresh strawberry in the following toothpaste blends, which are the following: Malic Acid

Causes Of And Practical Solutions For Denture Soreness

Sore mouth is one of the most common complaints with dentures. Fortunately, you can reduce the soreness if you know what is causing it. Here are some of the common causes of denture-related soreness, and what you can do to minimize it: Improper Fit Improperly fitting dentures cause soreness by rubbing on parts of your oral tissues that they shouldn't even touch. Many things can cause improper fit, but the two common ones are:

Answering 2 Dental Implant Questions Prospective Patients Might Have

The loss of a tooth can be an unfortunate problem for you to experience, and while there are medical treatments that can correct the cosmetic issues that a tooth loss can cause, many patients are poorly informed about these solutions. In particular, dental implants are a fairly common option to overlook when it comes to addressing this type of damage. If you are armed with the answers to the following couple of questions, you should be far better informed, which can help you to make a sound choice for your dental needs.