3 Common Methods Of Improving Your Smiles

Being proud of your teeth is an ideal way to have more self-confidence. However, if you want to make changes to your smile, this is entirely possible. Being able to make significant changes in your appearance is possible by having certain dental procedures completed. There is a variety of methods that will enable you to do so and taking the time to learn what some of these are can be helpful to you.


One of the most common ways to improve your smile is by getting veneers. This is a thin porcelain material that will be placed over your natural teeth and works to create a more attractive smile.

This process can typically be done in only two visits to your dentist. The first visit will involve having x-rays taken of your teeth, and a full examine being completed to ensure you're the right candidate for this procedure. You will have impressions of your teeth, and these will be sent to a dental lab.

The second visit will involve having the veneers cemented on your teeth, and you may need to have some of your existing teeth shaved down. The average price for this process is $500–1,100 per tooth.

Dental bonding

If you have a gap in your teeth, the best way to fix this issue is with dental bonding. This can typically be completed in only one visit to your dentist.

This process will involve your dentist doing a full examination of your teeth. There will be a resin material that will be used to fill in the gap. Your dentist will be sure this material closely matches the color of your existing teeth beforehand.

The average cost of dental bonding is $300–600 but will vary on your individual dental situation and your location.

Teeth whitening

Ensuring your teeth are as white as possible is sure to improve the look of your teeth. This is one of the least invasive methods for altering your smile.

Getting a professional teeth whitening is certain to render the best results. This process involves having molds made that will fit your teeth precisely and these will be filled with a high concentrate of hydrogen peroxide.

The average price for having a professional teeth whitening completed is $500–700, but this will vary based on your location.

Taking the time to work towards having a smile you're proud of is worthwhile. Be sure to contact a cosmetic dentist like Tore D Steinberg DDS PC to schedule an appointment.