Getting Your Child Into The Dentist Chair Without Fear

It is never too early to bring your child in to see a dentist, even if the appointment is a checkup for you. The more you normalize the experience of going to the dentist, the less afraid your child will be.  Whether you bring your child when their first tooth erupts, or you wait until they are two years old, trips to the dentist should not be a mystery to your young child. 

Lead by Example

Many adults are fearful about going to the dentist and this fear will trickle down to your children if you don't control it.  Talk about an upcoming dental visit without showing negative emotions.  Let your child know you want to have a happy, healthy smile and the dentist will help you get one. 

Find a Pediatric Dentist in Your Area

Although most family dental offices see plenty of children, pediatric dentists specialize in dental care for young children.  The office will be set up with young children in mind, using child sized furniture that your child will be comfortable in. The staff will be trained to handle little kids who are nervous about the visit and they will use techniques to normalize the visit.  

Consider the Use of Nitrous Oxide if the Dentist Offers It

Nitrous oxide, often referred to as laughing gas, is a safe method to keep your child calm during a dental visit. If your child needs moderate dental work, this is often recommended so that your child remains comfortable throughout the procedure.  

If your child is still nervous about going to the dentist, you can try taking your child to the dentist just to see the office. Getting your child comfortable at the dentist may take several visits and an abundance of patience. It's important to practice good oral hygiene with your child every day, especially if they are resistant to dental care. 

Baby teeth can get cavities, and although they will fall out, they need treatment so that the cavity won't affect the permanent tooth below the gum line.  Left untreated, cavities in baby teeth can cause your child to have unnecessary pain. As the parent, you have to consistently promote twice daily brushing and flossing to give your kids a healthy oral hygiene routine. 

It's never too early to take your child for their first dental appointment, and the earlier you go, the less afraid they will be over time.