What Is It Like To Get A Cosmetic Crown?

Having a crown put on your tooth is obviously not the most pleasant scenario. But, this is a very smart cosmetic dental surgery for so many reasons. With a crown, your tooth will be bright and white, staining will be less of an issue and you will no longer have to worry about cavities on that tooth. In reality, crowns probably aren't as painful as root canals; the procedure is actually very similar to normal cavity filling. If you know what to expect and make the right decisions regarding your procedure, there is nothing to really be afraid of. This article explains what a cosmetic dentist does during the procedure so you can be prepared beforehand.

Prepping the Old Tooth for the New Crown

Prepping the old tooth is probably the most intense part of the entire process. Luckily, you get this over with right off the bat. You will receive local anesthetics to numb your tooth. If you pay for it, you can receive laughing gas so you are sedated during the procedure. But, if you can withstand the process of a filling, you won't need sedation. Basically, the dentist will drill into your tooth to access any cavities and fill them. Then, during the same visit, the dentist will grind down the sidewalls of the tooth until there is basically only a stump in the middle.

This is a lot of grinding, but it goes quite quickly because it is not as delicate as drilling around cavities, where the dentist is drilling slowly to prevent too much collateral damage. The post that is left sticking up in the center of your tooth is the base that the new crown will be attached to. But, the permanent crown usually takes a week or two to be made. In the meantime you will be sent home with a temporary crown.

Returning for the Permanent Crown

Having the permanent crown installed is a very simple procedure. Most dentists won't even bother giving you anesthetic shots during this procedure, but you always have the option. Most likely, you will just get a topical gel on the gums around the teeth. The temporary crown comes off with ease. The dentist will scrape away the glue still attached to your tooth. New, much stronger glue is then attached to your permanent crown as it is placed onto your tooth. Some adjustments and scraping near the gums might be necessary, but this visit it basically painless.

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