Does Your Child Have Crooked Teeth? Why You Should Have Them Examined

Baby teeth that come in a bit off are usually nothing to be concerned about, but you should pay attention to how the adult teeth start coming in. If they appear to be crooked, you should have your child's teeth looked at by a local dentist. X-rays will be taken, and a course of action will be determined to help fix any potential oral health issues. These are a couple reasons to start treatment as soon as possible.

Teeth Impaction

When some adult teeth are growing in crooked, they could be preventing nearby teeth from growing in straight. What happens is the teeth become impacted, causing issues like tissue damage, inflammation, and pain. It can even lead to an infection and bacterial abscess. Be aware that an abscess could be fatal if not treated.

When impaction occurs, it can also put pressure on your child's jaw bond, which can cause a fracture. These are problems that you definitely do not want a child to experience if they can be avoided.


Teeth that have become close together and crowded will make it difficult to brush and floss properly, and your child might not be able to easily get their teeth completely clean. Food, starches, and sugar could become trapped between the teeth that are too close to each other, which increases the risk of forming a cavity in that area.

Cavities at an early age are not something a child should have to experience. Thankfully, this can be avoided by straightening those crooked teeth using orthodontics.

Unattractive Smile

When teeth become crooked, they push into other teeth that are growing as well. It can set off a chain reaction of teeth coming in crooked. Ultimately, all of these problems can lead to an unattractive smile. Fixing the bad teeth early can help keep the other teeth straight so that they all grow in properly. It may even be recommended to pull out a baby tooth so that an adult tooth can come in straight without any issues.

Speech Problems

When adult teeth are not in the proper place, a child will not be able to speak in the same way that they have been with their baby teeth. This can lead to speech problems as they need to learn how to adjust the way they make certain sounds again.

Meet with a dentist like those at Brookside Dental Associate for a consultation about how crooked teeth can be fixed.