Tips For Using An Electric Toothbrush

Have you switched over to an electric toothbrush so that you do a better job at brushing your teeth? If so, know that you still need to use it the right way for it to be effective. Here are some tips for using your electric toothbrush. Use A Small Amount Of Toothpaste You do not need that much toothpaste to use an electric toothbrush. You only need to apply enough toothpaste to form the size of a large pea on the toothbrush.

Helpful Facts For New Invisalign Patients

Clear aligners are a discreet alternative to metal braces. Both types of orthodontic treatment fulfill the same function in slightly different ways. You can get Invisalign retainers from an orthodontist or your regular dentist. Many patients prefer clear aligners since they don't need to alter their diets or lifestyles in order to use them. Invisalign is a safe and healthy way to change the shape of your smile. Here are some of the things patients should know when beginning treatment:

Top Reasons to Have Your Teeth Whitened Today

If you've ever come into contact with someone who had a beautiful smile you likely remember the experience. Great teeth have a way of enhancing your looks, instantly making you appear friendlier and more inviting. So many of the activities you partake in each day could be diminishing the color of your teeth. Drinking coffee, indulging in red wine or smoking could have all done a number on your smile and you're looking to do something about it.

Do You Brush Your Teeth Properly?

Although your dentist's assistance is fundamental when it comes to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums, the ultimate responsibility is yours. However, much of that responsibility can be honored with little more than a humble toothbrush. Regular brushing is about your best weapon in the ongoing battle between your teeth and the elements of your diet that seek to corrode them. Have you ever wondered if you're doing it right?

Has Your Family Dentist Prescribed Dental X-Rays For Your Child? Read This!

When some parents hear the word x-ray from their family dentist, their initial instinct is to panic. This reaction can be blamed on the fact that x-rays are typically associated with broken bones, so you could be thinking that there is something seriously wrong with your child's oral structure, but this is not usually the case. In dentistry, x-rays are vital diagnostic tools that will help the family dentist have a clear picture of what is going on inside your child's mouth.

The Core Benefits Of Having A Family Dentist

Dentists can manage various tooth conditions such as tooth decay, gum diseases, and teeth misalignment in children and adults as well. However, following up on different dentists can be challenging for each family member and you may miss some appointments, if not keen. Hence, having one dentist cater to your family's dental needs can be the right decision to make. Here are the benefits of having a family dentist. Understand Your Family's Dental History

Having A Braces Emergency? Know How To Deal With These 3 Problems

Do you have a problem with your braces but it's the weekend or late at night and you can't reach your orthodontist? If so, these tips will help you deal with some of those common emergencies that may come up with braces.  A Wire Is Poking You Have a wire that is sticking out and bothering you? This could be due to one of two reasons. The first one is that the wire actually shifted.

How to Increase Your Chances of Success with Dental Implants

Dental implants have a very high success rate of up to 98%. This should give you some reassurance if you are worried that you'll go through dental implant surgery to no avail. However, you should not interpret this high success rate to mean you do not need to put in the effort to prepare for your implant surgery or care for your mouth post-surgery. If you want to be part of that 98%, you'll need to follow these tips to help your mouth heal and your implants last.

What Is Dental Intrusion, And How Can It Affect Your Child?

Whether it's a sports game that was a little too rough, jumping out of a tree, or one of the other many accidents that a child might experience, an occasional injury is a part of being a child. When that injury has affected your child's teeth, the whole process can be a bit intrusive. Dental intrusion is an injury that can be deceptive in some ways, although it can be rather serious.