Benefits Of Same Day Dental Implants

You may need a dental implant if you have a severely damaged tooth, have lost one, or had a tooth pulled. Convenient, same-day dental implants are now available, allowing you to visit a cosmetic dentist and have a dental implant installed immediately. There's no need to wait days to weeks between installing a post and being fitted for your implant. Instead, you can visit a cosmetic dentist who can complete the repair quickly so you can return to your everyday life. 

There are numerous benefits to same-day dental implants, including the following: 

Implants Keep Bacteria Away From the Tooth's Socket

The implant itself keeps bacteria away from the tooth's socket. This helps ensure you don't get an infection or have severe oral health issues after losing your tooth. Instead, you can quickly repair the medical damage, avoiding bacterial infections or abscesses and keeping your entire mouth as healthy as possible. Keeping your mouth clean enough to avoid infections can be challenging, but installing an implant as quickly as possible can help avoid this issue. A same-day implant can help keep you healthy over time, ensuring you heal faster and more effectively. 

Implants Can Fuse to the Bone More Effectively

The faster you repair the damaged tooth, the easier it is for your implant to fuse to the bones of your jaw. This effective healing process helps ensure your new implant is completely bonded to your jawbone. The longer you wait to have an implant installed, the more time there is for your teeth to shift, potential infection to set in, and less room for the new tooth. If you act quickly, the implant can fuse fast and heal quickly. 

Minimal Disruption to Everyday Life 

A dental implant also means that you'll experience minimal disruption to your daily life. Instead of dealing with dental pain and sore gums after injuring a tooth, you can have the damage repaired quickly and effectively. You can have an implant installed the same day you make your cosmetic dentistry appointment, and you'll leave with your mouth looking as good as it did before the injury. 

If you've been considering a dental implant, you may want to research same-day dental implant services. If available in your area, these fast implants are a great way to repair the damage quickly and effectively.

Contact a local cosmetic dentist to see what they offer and to learn more about the same-day dental implant services available near you.