When Is Sedation Dentistry Worth Considering?

When you need to undergo several dental procedures, sedation dentistry may be worth looking into. During sedation dentistry, the patient is fully sedated. It allows the dentist to get as much work done as possible within a certain amount of time and without causing discomfort to the patient.

You Need to Have Extensive Dental Work Done

Sedation is a good option for anyone that needs to have extensive dental work done. For example, you may need to get multiple root canals because of severe tooth decay that has caused damage to the roots that are attached to your teeth. If your dentist has explained that you will need to have several procedures done to restore your smile and save your teeth, you might prefer being sedated during these procedures.

The Sound of the Dental Tools Bothers You

Some people are bothered by the sound of certain dental tools, such as the dental drill. The sound is amplified because the tools are inside the mouth and vibrate against the teeth. If you have been bothered by the sound of dental tools in the past, being sedated for your procedure is ideal. You would not have to worry about hearing the sounds of the dental drill or any of the other tools that your dentist may need to use when working on your teeth.

You Have Avoided the Dentist Because You Are Scared 

Have you avoided going to the dental office for several years because you are scared of getting work done on your teeth? If you have always felt anxious when visiting the dentist and the experiences you have had in the past were not good, sedation is something to consider. You can overcome your fear of the dentist and have dental work done without experiencing severe anxiety over the situation. When you know that your dentist offers sedation to patients, you might not feel as nervous about visiting the office for different dental procedures.

Sedation dentistry is worth considering when you need to have a lot of dental work done, you are bothered by the sound of the dental tools as the dentist works on your teeth, or you have been scared of visiting the dentist for many years. If the thought of undergoing different dental procedures makes you feel nervous and scared, you should talk to the dentist about sedation options. You can have your teeth restored by the dentist without experiencing discomfort or anxiety.