Here's Why You Should Let Your Teen Get Their Teeth Professionally Whitened Before Prom

Prom and any other high school dance is a very exciting time to be a teenager. It only comes around once, and kids always want to look their best for the event. If your child has brought up the idea of whitening their teeth or you know that they're feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their smile, there's a good reason why you should go ahead and let them do it professionally. Here's why.

Thanks for the Memories

Everyone knows that posing for photos is a big part of going to a high school dance, and that's become even more true with the advent of social media and smartphones. Chances are your child is going to be flashing their pearly whites all night long, and they're going to want those memories to be good ones, not negative ones. Realizing that they were beaming at people all night with yellowish teeth, potentially made worse by black lights being used at a dance, is not something they're going to want to remember. By allowing them to whiten their teeth beforehand, you won't have to worry about having to try and repair your child's self-esteem.


Getting teeth professionally whitened is safe, plain, and simple. Sadly, the same can't be said for every at-home kit.

While most tooth whitening products at home are safe if used as directed, teenagers and children often don't follow directions very well. Your child might think of something like applying more of the product than they should or letting it stay on their teeth for a longer time than recommended. This could easily result in damage to their tooth enamel or even burns on their gums if they're not careful.

By taking your child to a professional, you ensure that someone who knows exactly what to do is responsible for the tooth whitening process. Your child will also get their results quicker by doing it professionally than trying to do it at home.

Encourages Good Dental Health

Lastly, whitening your child's teeth might have a benefit in the long-term. It may help to make your child more interested in taking care of their oral hygiene.

Oral hygiene is a big deal at any age, and since most teens leave home shortly after finishing high school, it's a good idea to reinforce it while you still can. With white teeth, your child will likely want to do whatever they can to keep them looking that way so that they can continue to enjoy flashing their beautiful smile for photos and at friends. With a little nudge from you, you can help to ensure that your child brushes and flosses daily to extend the life of that tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening can be safe and effective for teenagers, and is a great gift to give when your teen is planning on going to the prom. Get in touch with a dental professional and make an appointment for your teen's teeth to be whitened. For more information, reach out to dental clinics like Pinon Hills Dental.