3 Dental Tips For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't quite as bad as Halloween when it comes to sugar-coated treats that can damage your teeth, but there will still be an ample supply of chocolate and other goodies out there. If you're looking to do a better job of taking care of your teeth and want to improve your overall dental health, here are three tips to keep in mind as you head into the most romantic day of the year.

No One Likes Bad Breath, Least of All Your Date

If you've always had problems with bad breath, getting the problem fixed prior to Valentine's Day is probably advised. Simple things you can do on your own include brushing your tongue in addition to your teeth and adding a fluoride mouthwash to your oral care routine.

If the bad breath lingers even after you make a clear effort to stop it, there could be something else going on in your mouth. Gingivitis is a well known cause of bad breath that just won't go away. Reach out to your local dentist if you think you need additional help.

Keep a Bottle of Water Handy

You might not munch on candy as much on V-Day as you do on Halloween, but you can still expect the usual suspects like heart-shaped candies, boxes of chocolates, and whatever treats your coworkers bring in to the break room to be widely available. What should also be available if you are going to partake in these tasty treats is a bottle of water so you can rinse your mouth periodically throughout the day. Brushing would be even better, of course, but if you can't do that at the office, make sure you have something else to get the sugar residue out of your mouth.

The Perfect Time for a Dental Cleaning or Teeth Whitening

If you know you will have a big date this Valentine's Day, go into it feeling fresh thanks to a dental cleaning or a cosmetic whitening appointment. You'll feel better about yourself knowing that your smile looks great, and that can lead to higher confidence on your date. Reach out to your local dentist now, and see if he or she can squeeze you in for an appointment in advance of the big day.

Use this Valentine's Day as an excuse to grab better control of your oral care routine. Tackle your bad breath or other issues so you can go into the most romantic day of the year feeling ready for whatever or whoever Cupid sends your way.