Symptoms Of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones are small white globs, balls, or chunks you might see stuck in your tonsils in the back of your mouth. These small balls can cause problems for you if you cannot get rid of them, and they can lead to bad breath. If you think you might have these, you could always look inside your mouth to try to see them, but there is a chance you may have them even if you cannot see them. Here are some of the top symptoms that can help you know if you have tonsil stones.

You feel pain when you swallow

When you swallow, you may feel pain if you have tonsil stones inside your mouth, and the pain will feel like a sore throat. If you have a sore throat with no other types of cold symptoms, the pain you feel when you swallow could be a symptom of a tonsil stone. The pain that occurs in your throat from tonsil stones happens due to the positioning of stones on your nerves. In some cases, people with tonsil stones feel like they are having trouble swallowing too, and this is another symptom of tonsil stones.

You may feel pain in your ear

Another common symptom of tonsil stones is ear pain, and this is a symptom many people do not correlate with tonsil stones. A tonsil stone is found in your tonsils, but this is not the only thing found in this area. This area is also full of nerves, and the nerves that are there feed to your ears. If there is a tonsil stone near a nerve, it will trigger ear pain.

Your tonsils are swollen

Swollen tonsils are another symptom of tonsil stones. Tonsil stones contain a lot of bacteria and contain mucus, dead cells, and food particles. The bacteria found in these stones can actually cause your tonsils to react and swell. You might think you just have a sore throat or cold, but the symptoms you are experiencing could all be the result of a tonsil stone.

Bad breath

If you repeatedly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with mouthwash but cannot fight the bad breath you feel, it could be the result of tonsil stones. These stones are smelly, and you will not be able to beat the bad breath until you get rid of them.

If you think that you might have these, you should contact a dental clinic to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist to find out if you are suffering from tonsil stones.