3 Things You Can Do Again by Switching From Dentures to Implants

Dentures are a good way of replacing more than one missing tooth, but they're not the best way. Dental implants offer plenty of benefits over dentures, so if you're looking to switch, you should think about how implants might help you. Here are three things you probably haven't been able to do since you lost your teeth that you can do again with dental implants.

1. Speak Clearly

Having missing teeth tend to make people speak oddly, especially if the tooth loss is at or near the front of the mouth. The movement of the tongue is essential to speaking the way you want to, and when the tooth barrier is gone, the tongue often moves in odd ways with its newfound space to move.

Furthermore, dentures often continue or create this problem themselves. Dentures are notorious for speaking difficulties. Since dental implants are designed to mimic real teeth in both form and function, they don't cause as much of a problem. Your original tooth structure will be restored with dental implants, so if you have speech problems, you can expect them to go away with implants.

2. Eat

When you get dentures, there are certain things you can do pretty well. For example, if you were missing teeth previously, chewing or tearing at your foot would be nearly impossible. Unfortunately, dentures aren't perfect. Dentures often move around in the mouth if you try to eat things that are very hard or sticky. This is because dentures are meant to be removed in order to clean them.

Since dental implants are permanent and harnessed into the jaw bone with a titanium peg, they don't move. Whether you want to eat something hard like crunchy peanuts or sticky like toffee, whatever it is you've been wanting to eat, you'll be able to again with dental implants.

3. Normal Dental Routine

Lastly, consider that having implants will save you a considerable amount of time. Right now, you probably take your dentures out every night, clean them, soak them, and then clean the gums and any remaining teeth in your mouth.

Dental implants save time by being cleaned the same way as real teeth. Flossing and brushing your teeth like you used to is all you have to do.

Dental implants are a great replacement for dentures. If your dentures are getting old, worn out, or you just think it's time for an upgrade, talk to your dentist about dental implants.