Build A Brighter, Healthier Smile With These Three Foods

When it comes to choosing a diet that benefits your oral health, many people know the importance of steering clear of sugary foods and dark-colored products that can stain tooth enamel. What's also important to know, however, is that adding a variety of other products to your diet can actually benefit your smile. These products are readily available in the supermarket and don't require much effort to consistently incorporate into your diet. Here are three products that can help you build a brighter and healthier smile.


Cranberries might have a tart flavor that's an acquired taste for some people, but if you're able to eat some of these dark red fruits, you'll be helping your oral health. As you consume your standard diet, your mouth accumulates glucans, which are molecules filled with bacteria that lead to plaque. Plaque, of course, can result in cavities and tooth decay over time. Cranberries are an effective fighter against glucans, as they contain molecules that fight the bacteria found in glucans. Although it's always best to eat plain cranberries rather than sugar-laden cranberry sauce, even the latter can be beneficial in this regard, so help yourself to an extra serving over the holiday season.


If you're a cheese enthusiast, there's good news -- eating cheese can make your mouth healthier. Not only is it loaded with calcium that can strengthen your teeth, but cheese helps to increase your mouth's production of saliva. This saliva, which is alkaline in nature, serves as an effective fighter against the acidity of your mouth that can lead to cavities. Cheese has been found to do a better job of promoting alkalinity in your mouth than milk and yogurt and also serves to coat your teeth to protect them against tooth decay and lower the risk of cavities.


Carrots are often associated with promoting eye health, given their high level of beta-carotene, but this common vegetable can also impact your oral health positively. The hard nature of carrots helps to gently scrape your teeth as you chew, which can remove plaque much in the same manner as brushing your teeth. Like eating cheese, carrots also promote the emergence of alkaline saliva, which can help you rinse your mouth while you eat and reduce its acidity. For best results, enjoy carrots raw -- when they're cooked, they lose their hard texture that helps to clean your teeth.

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