No More Teeth? Detecting Three Issues Through Regular Oral Checkups.

There are many people who think that once they get dentures, they no longer need to see the dentist because they do not have any teeth for him or her to check. That is not the case at all. Use the following guide to learn about a few issues that a professional dentist, like Dr. Henry A Cathey, will check for when you go to a dental appointment after receiving dentures.

Improper Fit of Your Dentures

Your dentures will not fit the same way forever. You may need to have adjustments made to them every couple of years or get new dentures altogether, depending on how much the structure of your mouth changes. The dentist will be able to check your mouth to see if there are any signs that the dentures are moving around inside of your mouth while you are wearing them or simply too small or large for your mouth. If they detect any issues, a mold of your mouth can be made right away so that new dentures can be created as soon as possible for you.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can develop in your mouth with or without teeth in it. The dentist completes a visual and physical exam to check for lesions, sores, or bruises within the mouth that could be an indication of oral cancer. The earlier that the dentist can detect the cancer, the sooner it can be treated and the better your chances will be of overcoming it.


Periodontitis is a form of gum disease that can be quite damaging to your overall health. Periodontitis may be a main reason why you lost your teeth to begin with, but it can have long lasting effects even after you have lost all of your teeth. Periodontitis can destroy the bones in your mouth and cause health issues with your heart. The dentist will know how to check to see if you have periodontitis by doing x-rays and tests. If severe periodontitis is discovered, surgery may need to be done to stop the disease from spreading and keep you safe from a stroke or heart attack.

Staying safe later in life is important. Having regular oral checkups ensures that you are able to wear your dentures comfortably and that any oral health issues are detected early so that they can be treated properly as soon as possible. The checkups take very little time and could help prevent serious complication.