Why You Shouldn't Lie To Your Dentist

If you are at the dentist's and are asked about your medical health or cleaning routine, there is no reason to lie. The fact that you are at the dentist shows that you care about your oral health. You don't need to stretch the truth or omit facts when talking with your dentist. Here are four reasons you should always be truthful with your dentist.

1. Your Dentist is Here to Help

Being honest about your oral care routine will give your dentist a chance to give you tips for cleaning. They might have different ideas to incorporate this into your daily routine. If you aren't honest, you might indicate that it isn't important to you to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Being honest will get you better advice from your dentist.

2. They Can Spot Other Medical Issues

Make sure you are honest on the medical sheet you fill out in the waiting room. If your family has a history of common diseases, you should tell your dentist -- your dentist can look for many diseases or problems if they know that you are at risk. Rapid changes with your gums or teeth can lead to other medical problems. The medical form is a way for your dentist to assess your overall health and make the oral exam as beneficial as possible.

3. Your Dentist Probably Can Tell that You are Lying

If you have inflamed gums, tooth decay or tartar build up, it can be pretty obvious to your dentist that you aren't taking the best care of your teeth. They are going to identify if you might be a smoker or if you drink too much soda just through an oral exam, so you might as well be up front about it. You dentist will be more upfront with you if you show them the same respect.

4. There Might be Adverse Drug Interactions

Make sure to be honest about any prescriptions or drugs you may be taking. You might think this is personal information that your dentist doesn't need to know. The thing is, if you get in a situation that involves a medical procedure down the line, they need to know that there won't be any adverse drug interactions.

Your dentist isn't going to be mad at you or judge you, so just be honest. If you might be lying to yourself about your oral care, this can be a great opportunity for a reality check. You'll hopefully be able to take some advice from your dentist.