Is Your Diet Dulling The Dazzle Factor Of Your Smile?

A friendly, white smile is one of the most attractive features a person can have. Not only is it attractive to our friends and family members, a nice smile also helps business professionals look more confident and successful, especially those that work closely with the public, such as salespeople.

If you are trying to improve the brilliance of your smile, but not getting the results you are seeking, the problem may not be in your teeth whitening methods, but instead may lie in the foods you regularly consume. Keep reading to find out some of the most dulling foods found in the normal American diet and why they can cause your pearly whites to become dull and drab. 

The Stain Factor

Some very popular foods and beverages have to power to stain your teeth. Coffee, tea, red wine and many types of berries are all very capable of staining your teeth, especially when you consume them daily or in allow them to stay in contact with your teeth for an extended period of time. If you choose not to give these up, you can help prevent stains by sipping water to dilute their stain potential when enjoying them and then brushing your teeth immediately when finished. 

The Acid Factor

Foods that have a high acid content can be just as detrimental to your teeth as those that stain them. The typical America diet includes many high-acid foods, such as citrus fruits and fruits juices, sports drinks, soda, tomato sauces, ketchup, tomato juice and vegetable juice cocktails. 

While these foods do not stain teeth in the same way that berries and wines do, they do damage the surface of the tooth with their high-acid content. The acid causes pitting and surface damage that can cause the teeth to look very dull. After eating these foods, try rinsing your mouth thoroughly with warm water to help wash away the acid and prevent it from doing more damage to your teeth. 

Doing Away With Dullness

Cutting back on your consumption of high-acid or staining foods is a great way to start to improve the appearance of your teeth. In addition, speak with your dental care professional like one from Advanced Family Dental Care LLC and see what new tooth whitening techniques are available. You may also want to consider asking for a sealant or coating to be applied to your teeth to help protect them from the effects of the foods and beverages that you routinely consume.